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8 Ways Your Employer Brand Impacts Your Growth

Businesses previously measured success through production or output. Deliverables, impact, and clients used to attract the best talent. The days of recruiting candidates by offering one definition of success – climbing the corporate ladder with a singular focus – are gone. Today, your employer brand is your most effective recruitment and growth strategy yet.

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Cannabis Recruitment Canada: How to Attract Top Talent

With the legalization of recreational cannabis just around the corner, cannabis recruitment in Canada is exploding! Currently, there are over 700 postings for job opportunities in the cannabis industry. With a variety of positions in high demand (pun intended), cannabis employers face tough competition for top talent. How will your company stand out amongst the weeds to attract and engage top talent in the competitive cannabis market?

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Make Your Job Ad Human: 5 Easy Tips To Engage Job Seekers

What are you doing to stand out in a sea of black and white, Times New Roman job ads?

Ten days. On average, top candidates are only “on the market” for ten days. It’s more critical than ever to stand out and attract people early in their job search. Your job ad is your first chance to paint a clear picture about an opportunity with your organization. Make a great impression and engage job seekers by getting creative and telling a story.

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Working at Envol: Caitlin’s Top 3 Takeaways

My internship has flown by. Seriously, it’s been a wild ride. We often talk about how fast things move here at Envol but it’s hard to encapsulate that without living it. Starting my internship working at Envol was pedal to the metal, immediately. Within the first day, I was involved in an Envol workshop for recruiting and employer branding. Within my first week, I was actively working on talent acquisition. As you can imagine, after only three short months here at Envol, it’s a bittersweet goodbye. Picking my top 3 takeaways will be hard but as always, your girl is up for the challenge!

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Evolving From Company Values to Company Experience: Q&A with Eric Termuende of NoW Innovations

It seems these days that everyone is talking about employee engagement’s red-hot cousin – the company experience. Creating a compelling employee experience is quickly becoming one of the most vital aspects of a business. But what exactly is it?

We recently spoke with Eric Termuende about the need for effective interactions and touch points, and their direct implications on a company’s success. Eric Termuende is the co-founder of NoW Innovations, and his goal is to remove the negative connotation associated with work. Whether it’s consulting businesses on how to ‘rethink work’, writing, or public speaking, Eric is well-educated in the role HR and operational practices play in maintaining a successful company.
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Extreme Makeover: Offer Letter Edition

We are always looking for ways to improve the employee journey. Lucky for us, we get to guinea pig lots of our ideas on ourselves. We recently noticed a small breakdown in the branding experience for candidates at the offer letter stage. What a missed opportunity!

The offer letter represents a key milestone in the employee journey. But we were still stuck in a rut of celebrating this milestone with a black and white, boring, legal document that required a magnifying glass and a full team of lawyers to read. Okay, it wasn’t that bad – but you get the idea. It got us thinking – how can we use the offer letter as a tool to build engagement with new employees, instead of just another hoop to jump through?Read More »Extreme Makeover: Offer Letter Edition

5 Ways to Attract Top Talent for Your Position

Receiving hundreds of applications for your job doesn’t mean you will be successful in attracting top talent for your position. You know this. In fact, you’re probably living this.

How can you find the balance between the right quantity and the right quality of candidates? Hiring is time consuming and expensive – especially if you hire the wrong people. Especially in today’s market, with fierce competition for top talent. With Canada’s unemployment rate at 5.8%, it’s more difficult than ever for employers to attract and retain talent for their companies – much less top talent.

How are you positioning yourself as a competitor in the talent market?

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Eye of the Intern: Sam’s Ultimate Top 3

Oh, hey there. It’s me again. You remember, right? It’s Sam tuning in from your dynamic intern duo, here to share my final thoughts before I head out the door! I’ve had the pleasure of spending Summer 2017 with a small but talented team. I found a home at Hot Soup and Envol – although I’m still waiting on receiving my free bowl of soup. False advertising? I think so.

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Meet the Envol Team: Angus Begg [Intern 1/2]

Now that you’ve met some of our tried and true team members, let’s take a turn and introduce some of our newbies, starting with Angus Begg! Angus joined us this summer as a Marketing Intern, but don’t let the title fool you – he’s a huge contributor to our group! Besides being a genuinely rad person, Angus is hardworking, talented, and passionate.

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