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Explore resources and tools about topics ranging from employer branding and candidate experience, to talent acquisition and human resources best practices. Download, enjoy and share with your team!
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BC Pay Transparency Act Summary

Learn about your pay transparency obligations as a BC employer.

Accessible Canada Act Summary for Employers

Your roadmap to developing a compliant Accessibility Plan.

Accessible Hiring Summary

Build a more accessible hiring process for all candidates!

Inclusive Hiring Guide

Learn how to enhance your recruitment process by making it more inclusive to all!

Social Media Photo Guide

Create amazing images for Social Media!

Employer Brand Voice Guide

Define your Employer Brand Voice!

Email Templates for Recruiters

Get access to free email templates for various stages of the recruitment process!

Interview Process Tool

Develop an effective interview process!

Employee Onboarding Program

Set employees up for success!

Economic Downturn Employer Layoff Guide

Compassionate layoffs in a crisis.

COVID-19 Remote Onboarding Guide

Pivot to remote onboarding.

COVID-19 Employer Response Guide

Respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Compensation Analysis Tool

Analyze your compensation!

Job Description Tool

Build better job descriptions!

Job Advertisement Tool

Improve your job advertisements!

COVID-19 Remote Offboarding Checklist

Checklist for remote offboarding.

Employee Development Plan Tool

Develop your people!

Retention Strategy Framework

Retain your top talent!

Candidate Persona Tool

Understand your target candidates!

Social Media Tool

Boost your employer brand on social!

Employer Brand Audit Tool

Audit your employer brand!

Cannabis Legalization Guide

Comply with cannabis legalization!

Candidate Experience Audit Tool

Audit your candidate experience!

Stay Interview Guide

Learn how to conduct stay interviews!

Organizational Chart Guide

Develop an effective organizational chart for your business that is beneficial to everyone!

Workplace Conflict Management Guide

Learn how to effectively navigate workplace conflicts as a leader!

Workforce Planning Guide

Assess your workforce today and plan for future people and skills demands.

Student Internship Recruitment Tool

Learn how to effectively recruit students for your student internship program!

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