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Meet Envol

We’re a team of strategists, creatives, recruiters, marketers and HR consultants. When it comes to finding dynamic solutions that evolve organizations into places where people truly want to work, we bring the perfect blend of zest and expertise to the table.

Best of all? We’re human. When we’re not rocking our clients’ worlds, we’re unwinding with friends, cozying up with a good book, enjoying a glass of wine, exploring the great outdoors, and embracing the simple pleasures that make life awesome.

Brianna Blaney

Founder & CEO

Brianna is on a mission to eliminate barriers for entrepreneurs. She founded Envol to help business leaders achieve their goals through impactful people solutions.

An experienced entrepreneur with an extensive background in organizational development, leadership coaching, business strategy, recruitment and people solutions, Brianna has helped hundreds of companies hire and retain thousands of employees across North America.

Brianna is also the CEO & Co-Founder of Pocketed, an intelligent grant platform that helps companies across North America easily access free money from the government.

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Rikka Bouseh

Vice President, HR & Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Jenna Mulherin

Director, HR & Talent

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Acacia Blake

HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Caitlin Solomon

HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Siobhan O’Beirne

Senior HR & Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Erica Mallette

Digital Marketing Specialist

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My Lieu Ha

Recruitment Manager

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Sarah Evans

Senior HR & Talent Specialist

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