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Our Approach

When you work with Envol, you get our full attention.

We’re serious about this. Whether you’re working with us on-demand, on a retainer, or on a per-project basis, we are just as committed. We leave people and places better than we found them, and that starts with our first conversation. Our success is directly related to the impact we have on your organization.

Making Businesses

Human Starts with

Humans Who Care

Our team is made up of an enthusiastic and dedicated group of creative, strategic and experienced HR, recruitment, and marketing humans who are ready to dig in and get to know your business so we can make wonderful things happen together!

Proud to Partner Across Industries

Our History & Future

Envol was born out of a vision to make business recruitment and HR human again. Our founder, Brianna Blaney, built an organization that puts people first.

Unlike large agencies that are beholden to stock prices and shareholders, we answer only to our teams, our clients, and our communities. Even as we evolve, we are committed to staying integrated and immersed.

By turning the old recruitment model on its head and levelling the playing field for any business to build high-performance teams, Envol has created an innovative approach to people and business.

As we continue to evolve and expand, our mission remains the same – to help businesses and humans flourish.

Evolution is Our Speciality

We’re committed to supporting the evolution of your organization, its story, and its people. That is why DNA is at the heart of our logo.

DNA contains the material that makes us who we are, and who we will become. It also communicates that information to our cells, which act together as one organism.

The DNA strand is located at the centre of a point. This represents your goal. At Envol, evolution is not a haphazard process—it is a purposeful journey. We help you to take control.

Our Model

Let’s Do This!

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