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Accessible Canada Act Compliance for Federally Regulated Employers

The Accessible Canada Act (ACA) is a federal law aimed at promoting accessibility and removing barriers for people with disabilities by 2040.

As a result, federally regulated employers must implement an Accessibility Plan that outlines your commitments to advancing accessibility and removing barriers in your workplace.

If you’re unsure about next steps as a Canadian employer, you’re in the right place.

Who is impacted by the ACA

All federally regulated Canadian employers are impacted by the ACA. Deadlines to comply vary based on the type and size of your organization.

Federal government, Crown corporations, Parliamentary entities, RCMP, and the Canadian Forces must comply by December 31, 2022

Large businesses with 100+ employees must comply by June 1, 2023

Small businesses with 10 to 99 employees must comply by June 1, 2024

Your obligations as a federally regulated employer

Create accessibility plans through consultations with people with disabilities.

These plans explain how organizations are finding, removing, and preventing barriers in the workplace. Organizations must consult people with disabilities when preparing their accessibility plans and consider the 7 Guiding Principles of the Act.

Create processes to receive and respond to feedback. 

These processes explain how organizations receive and respond to feedback about how they are following their accessibility plans and existing or potential barriers in the workplace.

Report on progress of accessibility plan implementation annually. 

These annual reports cover how organizations are following their accessibility plans, feedback received and how they considered it, and how people with disabilities were consulted when preparing progress reports.

How we can help you develop a compliant plan, on time

Wondering how the heck you’re going to get this done in time? Envol has developed a pragmatic approach that will help you comply and set you up for success long-term.


We provide support, consultation, resources, and lead execution.


We provide support, consultation, and resources as needed. You execute.

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