Contingent Recruitment is a thing of the past at Envol – we don’t outsource your recruitment needs, you insource our recruiters.

Let us help you focus on your core business and get back to doing what you do best – growing your business. Whether we are helping you optimize your recruitment process, supporting your hiring managers, or becoming your recruitment team, we can help to improve your hiring results. Saving you time and money in the process.

While we would love to continue our working relationship with your organization as you continue to grow, our priority is creating strategies that empower our clients. This means building the strategies and resources you need to be successful today and down the road – with or without us.

In-Sourced Recruiting

We help your hiring managers with as much – or as little – of the recruiting process as you need. You’re empowered in our partnership, getting everything you need for recruiting, and nothing you don’t.

Recruiting Toolkit

Create your toolkit, including job advertisement templates and sourcing strategies. We help you build a foundation, empowering you to effectively handle your own ongoing recruiting – internally.

Talent Communities

Unlike recruiting agencies, we act as an extension of your team. We leverage your brand to build your talent community. It’s about starting relationships and curating conversations with people who like what you’re all about.

Recruitment Technology

Stop using a color coded email inbox to power your recruitment process. We help you take your recruiting into overdrive by identifying, implementing and optimizing the right recruitment technologies for your business.

Interview Training

Help your hiring managers become experts in the art of interviewing. From designing effective questions to evaluating candidate responses, we’ll teach your team how to identify and hire the best people for your organization.

Candidate Experience Design

Map your optimal candidate journey, from their first interaction with your organization until after they are hired. Our team will create and build your candidate experience – designed for people, by people.

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