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8 Ways Your Employer Brand Impacts Your Growth

Businesses previously measured success through production or output. Deliverables, impact, and clients used to attract the best talent. The days of recruiting candidates by offering one definition of success – climbing the corporate ladder with a singular focus – are gone. Today, your employer brand is your most effective recruitment and growth strategy yet.

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Employer Branding for Small Businesses: Tips & Tricks to Stand Out

Authentic and engaging employer branding for small businesses can be a competitive advantage.

Our Founder + Managing Partner Brianna Blaney puts it simply: your employer brand is how your organization shows up as an employer to current and potential employees. It represents the people who work for you and helps you attract top talent.

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Extreme Makeover: Offer Letter Edition

We are always looking for ways to improve the employee journey. Lucky for us, we get to guinea pig lots of our ideas on ourselves. We recently noticed a small breakdown in the branding experience for candidates at the offer letter stage. What a missed opportunity!

The offer letter represents a key milestone in the employee journey. But we were still stuck in a rut of celebrating this milestone with a black and white, boring, legal document that required a magnifying glass and a full team of lawyers to read. Okay, it wasn’t that bad – but you get the idea. It got us thinking – how can we use the offer letter as a tool to build engagement with new employees, instead of just another hoop to jump through?Read More »Extreme Makeover: Offer Letter Edition

Meet the Envol Team: Samantha Wong [Intern 2/2]

You can probably tell – we love talking about our team. Our next Meet the Team introduces our second Intern, Samantha! Samantha and Angus have quickly become the office dynamic duo, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re ever wondering who manages our Instagram, Samantha’s your girl. She’s a professional in-office photographer (in other words she loves taking creepy photos of the team at work).

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Meet the Envol Team: Brianna Blaney

At Envol, we’re all about the people. Our team is quirky, fun, and all around talented. It would be a crime for us not to brag a little, so join us for our Meet the Envol Team blog series where we introduce the stars behind the screen!

First up we have Brianna Blaney, our Founder and Managing Partner. Or as we like to call her: People-Person Brianna! She’s the glue of our team and is easily one of the most colourful people you’ll ever meet, so we sat her down to get the inside scoop on all things Brianna.

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