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5 Great Ways to Say Thank You to Your Employees

At Envol, we LOVE to celebrate our achievements and say thank you – especially during our Monday meetings! It’s a great way to start off our week, especially now that were all working from home (and we hope you are too because of #COVID19)When working remotely, not everyone can see what we have done and celebrate our efforts. Therefore, we believe that it’s important to recognize our team’s hard work and dedication every single week!   

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The Return to Remote Work

With COVID-19 far from over and increasing case numbers in B.C.,  how do we decide to return to remote work? Read on to determine what’s right for your organization and how to make this decision. Our strategy includes research, overcoming human psychology, and design thinking. 

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Have You Adapted your EVP to the “New Normal”?

The needs and priorities of job seekers have changed drastically – and meeting their needs is crucial to developing an attractive employer value proposition. In the “new normal”, organizations must adapt their EVP to the increasing number of job seekers. 

At Envol, we are optimists; always looking for the opportunity in every situation. To our surprise, despite the many challenges COVID-19 has presented, we didn’t have to look too far to find the opportunities.

For one, what if we told you that the “new normal” was built on mass collaboration, diversity, collective intelligence, and explicit commitment-making?

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How to Support Parents Working During COVID-19

We’ve all seen the meme; a parent on a video conference call while her two children are taped to the floor with the caption, “Working from home during COVID-19!”

We chuckle to ourselves and say, “YUP” as we continue to scroll. But as funny as the meme is, this is a stark reality for most parents navigating childcare, home schooling, and working during COVID-19.

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What Not to Say: 5 Common Onboarding Pitfalls

Attracting and hiring the right people to join your team is challenging, but finding that star candidate is such a relief! The hard work is over now, right?

Unfortunately not. Proper training and support during a new employee’s transition into your organization is critical to their success – and it takes work. Despite our best efforts, if an onboarding program lacks structure and consistency the ball can be dropped without us even knowing it. Read More »What Not to Say: 5 Common Onboarding Pitfalls

Recruitment Challenges Facing Professional Service Firms

Last year, the need for new business was top priority for professional service firms. This year, a shortage of top talent to service that business is the main concern. From small businesses to global companies, leaders at professional services firms are facing real challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best the market has to offer. Read More »Recruitment Challenges Facing Professional Service Firms

8 Ways Your Employer Brand Impacts Your Growth

Businesses previously measured success through production or output. Deliverables, impact, and clients used to attract the best talent. The days of recruiting candidates by offering one definition of success – climbing the corporate ladder with a singular focus – are gone. Today, your employer brand is your most effective recruitment and growth strategy yet.

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