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Trends that will shape the Future of Work

The future of work has changed greatly after 2020. Throughout the year 2020, organizations and business leaders across the world were forced to navigate the pandemic, managing a hybrid or fully remote workforce, on top of social justice movements. For many, our perspective of work has shifted greatly, and employers will need to adapt to the shift for 2021 and the years to come. 

So, what are some trends that will shape the future of work?  

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What Two More Months of CERB Means for the Job Market

Increasing unemployment, disincentivized job seekers, and another two months of CERB – what does this mean for the job market?

The Canadian government recently announced that the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) will be extended for another two months. Millions of Canadians will have maxed out their CERB allowance (a total of $8000) by July 4th. It remains unclear whether CERB will be amended or a different form of government support will be provided.

For those still eligible for CERB, they can continue to receive $2,000 per month while the Canadian government encourages recipients to take available work, however many are disincentivized to seek employment. Why?Read More »What Two More Months of CERB Means for the Job Market

2018 Small Business Profile Report Featuring Envol

We are proud to share that Envol was featured in the Government of British Columbia’s 2018 Small Business Profile Report! Click here for direct access to our feature.

Did you know that British Columbia is home to more than 490,000 small businesses employing over one million people in 2017? British Columbia leads the country with growth in small businesses and small business employment.

The report provides more important insight into the current state of small business in British Columbia. Check out the press release by the Government of British Columbia to learn more, and to access the 2018 Small Business Profile Report.Read More »2018 Small Business Profile Report Featuring Envol

Have You Heard? BC Introduces Employer Health Tax

British Columbia is introducing a new Employer Health Tax. It was announced earlier this year that the provincial government is scrapping Medical Service Plan (MSP) premiums for British Columbians as of January 1st, 2020. This means financial savings of hundreds each year for individuals and families. It also means that businesses can scratch MSP administration off their to do list.

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