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Tips for Having Productive Tough Conversations

It’s easy to think that some people are naturally better at handling conflict than others, but the truth is that anyone can have tough conversations with their team that are productive and healthy. You just need to build that skill!

Like any other skill, handling tough conversations is a muscle you need to build. We’ve coached people leaders and business owners on how to have tough conversations and provide feedback to their team. Not only that, but our culture at Envol is BIG on feedback. We’re basically experts at making difficult conversations suck less.

In this article, we’ll break down everything we’ve learned to help you develop these skills. You’ll be able to create a process for yourself that removes the stress and enhances the value of difficult conversations. Let’s do this!

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6 Awesome Communication Tools for Remote Offices

If you think that remote communication boils down to Zoom, Slack, and Email – think again! 

Reminiscing on friendly office interactions isn’t uncommon. We miss being able to connect with each other in person and sometimes Zoom happy hours just doesn’t cut it.  

Luckily, the shift to remote work has brought out some amazing new communication tools that support all kinds of remote-friendly interactions. Although it’s no replacement for the real thing, we think they’re pretty fun, and adding some extra personality to your communication.   

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HR Productivity Tools: For your Team

It’s no surprise that technology has taken over the pen and paper to-do list. The list of options for digital productivity tools is almost endless these days. Although everyone has their own mantras when it comes to productivity, our team is sharing some of our favourite online tools this week to help kickstart the new year.  

Let’s do this! 

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Support Local Series: For Your Family

With the holiday season upon us, we are thinking of our fellow local businesses and small ways we can support local this holiday season. 

If you are in the position to give gifts this year, consider shopping at a local small business. Local businesses enhance our community, connect and reinforce our social well-being, and boost wealth and employment in the local community. 

In this series, we are bringing you closer to some of the amazing local businesses in the Vancouver area. These creators and business owners put love and attention into everything they produce. We know you and your family will enjoy these unique gift options. We’ve curated a list of local businesses to consider when shopping for your family’s gifts this holiday season – you’re in for a treat! 

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Support Local Series: For Your Team

The holiday season is upon us! With corporate gift giving looking a little different this year, we are thinking about our fellow local businesses and how to support local.  

Vancouver is home to incredible local brands that are perfect for gift giving. Shopping local allows small businesses to stay afloat during a challenging time and gives back to the community.  

We have curated a list of goods sourced from local small businesses sure to put a smile on your employee’s faces (over Zoom, of course). 

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