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Job Motivation: Stay Motivated Working Remotely

Today, we want to talk about job motivation. It’s been almost a year since most of us transitioned to remote work, and in research conducted by PWC, 59% of Canadian employees are working remotely now. While there are many benefits to working remotely, it may feel hard to stay motivated. 

If you’re struggling with staying motivated while working remotely, here are a few tips to help:  

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The Return to Remote Work

With COVID-19 far from over and increasing case numbers in B.C.,  how do we decide to return to remote work? Read on to determine what’s right for your organization and how to make this decision. Our strategy includes research, overcoming human psychology, and design thinking. 

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Making Remote Layoffs Suck Less

Over the past few weeks, remote layoffs have become more common than employers ever could have imagined. On a good day, layoffs are challenging. Right now, layoffs need to be done in large quantities, adhere to social distancing regulations, and take place during an economic downturn that already has many employees concerned for their family’s wellbeing.

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Tips for Transitioning to Remote Work Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

With the escalating global COVID-19 crisis, employers are seeing unprecedented organizational challenges. From layoffs and job sharing to remote work and office shutdowns, employers are increasingly mandating remote work wherever possible. However, a lot of employers still have unanswered questions about the best way to take their teams remote.

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Engage Your Remote Workforce: Q&A with Kasey Bayne of Olark Live Chat

A growing trend among businesses is the integration of a remote workforce into their organizational structure. With real estate at a premium and top talent hard to find, the perks of a remote workforce are exponential. We had the opportunity to speak with Kasey Bayne, Marketing Manager for Olark Live Chat, about how to engage your remote workforce.

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