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Managing Business Growth: Tips to Scaling Your Team for Small Businesses

Business growth is one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences for business owners and their teams – even more so when your business is growing rapidly!  

However, rapid growth can also bring sudden changes like taking on more clients or having to increase production to meet demands. If business growth isn’t managed efficiently, it can have negative consequences on an organization. A booming business might also mean it’s time to scale up your team so that you have the capacity to continue providing your best service. In this article, we will share some key tips on how to efficiently scale your team to ensure MAXIMUM potential for your business. 

1. Define your purpose for growing the team

When considering whether you want to scale your team, it’s important to have a clear purpose in mind and identify the reasons why you’re looking to grow your team. Therefore, a great starting point is to map out the areas of your business that you need extra help in, as well as their key responsibilities. Do you need support with Sales & Customer Service? Managing finances? Marketing projects? Administrative tasks? 

Defining your purpose for growing your team is an important step as it gives insights into both the current workload and the type of work that requires extra support. Once you complete this process, you may even realize you’re able to automate some of the work and you don’t need to hire anyone just yet.  

Here are some signs that indicate you might want to consider expanding your team:  

  • You’re rejecting clients & losing revenue because there’s not enough capacity to take them on. 
  • New opportunities arise such as providing new services and/or product offerings to clients. 
  • Your current team is overworked and constantly working overtime hours.  
  • You’re unable to grant time off to current employees due to the workload.  
  • Customer Service Responsiveness is suffering because your current employees are stretched thin. 

Once you clearly define your purpose and goals of hiring, your hiring process will run more efficiently! 

2. Know your employer brand

Your Employer Brand is essentially your cultural DNA. It’s how people perceive what it’s like to work with your organization. In order to attract top talent, build, and retain teams, you need to have a clear understanding of who your business is at its core.  

Therefore, before you begin the hiring process, take a step back and assess your cultural DNA. Some guiding questions to think about include:  

  • What does your business stand for – what are your goals, values, mission, and vision? What’s your Employee Value Proposition? 
  • Why would people want to work for your business?  
  • What’s the current team culture like? Does it align with the values and goals of the business? If not, do we need to make changes? 
  • How are people currently perceiving your business? 

Once you have a good understanding of your Employer Brand, you’ll have a better idea of the type of candidates you are looking to attract, which improves your chances of finding the right hires as you scale your team. 

3. Establish a hiring process, automate, and build out clear processes

Another key to scaling efficiently is to continuously build out processes and automate what you can. When it comes to scaling your team, keep in mind that every employee you hire will either leave a positive or negative impact on the organization, which can become costly. Therefore, establishing a standard hiring process is important to effectively recruit the right people, reduce costs, and maintain best hiring practices.  

Having processes mapped out in other areas of your business will also help when scaling your team. In the long run, having clear repeatable processes will maintain efficiency, productivity, and reduce risks. Therefore, identify what business activities you can save time on by automating and what processes you can build standard operating procedures for.

In conclusion…

To conclude, we want to reiterate the importance of defining goals, knowing your brand, and recruiting sustainably. Having clear goals and purposes to guide your growth journey as well as fully understanding your employer brand allows you to hire sustainably – which is the key to scaling your team efficiently! 


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