Your employer brand story exists within your cultural DNA. It’s our job to be your metaphorical loudspeaker.

By getting to the heart of who you are, we help you amplify your story, developing your reputation to attract and keep the right people for your business. It’s about being your best self, and then telling the right people who you are. The Envol team works with you to discover the qualities that make you someone people want to work for, to understand where your organization is going, and to connect the dots to bring your story to life.

But that’s just the beginning.

Employer Brand Audit

Through conversations, surveys and focus groups, we’ll conduct a complete audit of your workplace culture and your competitors, getting a complete picture of where you sit within your industry. Then we’ll create a clear path to understand where you need to go.

Brand Story + Visual Identity

After a thorough audit, we’ll engage our creative team to bring your story to life. Your brand’s voice will come to life through creative copy, and your visual identity will take form. Then, we’ll take your story and share it with the world.

Employer Brand Toolkit

Consider your brand toolkit your internal story guide. Using branded touchpoints, marketing materials, stationary, communications templates and exciting content, we’ll make sure you’re equipped with the tools required for success.

Career Site

What story does your careers site tell? With Envol, create full engagement strategies using video, interactive job ads, and copy that inspires. We’ll integrated with your applicant tracking system for an optimized candidate experience.

Content Strategy

What good is a story without an audience to share it with? We will create a multi-channel strategy, with internal communications, social media, intranet and video, to build awareness about you as an employer, from brand story launch, to infinity and beyond.

Employer Brand Advocate Activation

Your best brand advocates already exist – they’re your current employees. Engaging them within your story will not only source authentic voices, but help to spread your message to their networks. Let’s make them your cheerleaders!

Let's Do This!

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