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My Experience Searching for an Internship

Working an internship during school can be one of the most valuable and coveted opportunities for students and new grads. Internships give professional work experience and help set students up for success! Some companies even using internships to fill their new graduate hiring pipeline.  

However, finding a relevant internship has started to become more competitive, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.My experience looking for work this summer was quite stressful! To help other interns have a smooth and stress-free experience, I wanted to share the advice and tips I’ve learned as an incoming fourth-year university student with a few internships under my belt! 

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Landing your Dream Internship

Looking for an internship can be a very intimidating and frustrating process. With the pandemic, it can be even more stressful. Many students and recent graduates don’t know what to put on their applications, where to look for job postings, and who to talk to. Because of this, I want to share my experience on what I did to land my awesome internship at Envol Strategies and how I was chosen out of 769 applicants

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