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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Why does the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation exist?

From 1831 to 1996, the government forcibly removed more than 150,000 Indigenous children from their homes. These children were deceptively placed into church-and government-run schools where they were assimilated and robbed of their language and traditions. After the closure of the last school in 1997, there were over 25,000 children that did not return and over 100,000 Indigenous peoples that were left with unhealed scars from the trauma and abuse endured. Read More »National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Mental Health & Wellness: Initiatives Employers Can Implement

Awareness of mental health & wellness in the workforce has increased greatly in recent years. 
A recent study done by the Boston University School of Medicine revealed that “27.8% of U.S. adults had depression symptoms as of mid-April 2020, compared to 8.5% before the COVID-19 pandemic”. These numbers are alarming, and the effects of this have certainly trickled their way into the workforce, affecting workplace performance for organizations. 

More than ever, employers are recognizing the importance of keeping employees happy and healthy, and acknowledging how much of a role it plays in employee performance. Employers are also recognizing that Mental Health & Wellness goes beyond just talking about it. If you’re unsure of how you can support your employees, here are a few tangible initiatives you can take – keep reading! 

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