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Making Remote Layoffs Suck Less

Over the past few weeks, remote layoffs have become more common than employers ever could have imagined. On a good day, layoffs are challenging. Right now, layoffs need to be done in large quantities, adhere to social distancing regulations, and take place during an economic downturn that already has many employees concerned for their family’s wellbeing.

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What Not to Say: 5 Common Onboarding Pitfalls

Attracting and hiring the right people to join your team is challenging, but finding that star candidate is such a relief! The hard work is over now, right?

Unfortunately not. Proper training and support during a new employee’s transition into your organization is critical to their success – and it takes work. Despite our best efforts, if an onboarding program lacks structure and consistency the ball can be dropped without us even knowing it. Read More »What Not to Say: 5 Common Onboarding Pitfalls