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Letter from Brianna Blaney: Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

Excerpts from a holiday letter to our team, from our Founder & Managing Partner Brianna Blaney:

If I were to summarize 2019 in one word it would be “stretched”. Stretched with growth. Stretched with new challenges. Stretched with physical office space. Stretched thin with time and resources. Stretched. It has been a year of feeling forever uncomfortable and often behind. Candidly, this year’s meteoric growth caught me off guard. Combined with launching a new venture, exciting personal milestones for our team, learning curve after learning curve, and a much-needed office move, I’ve never felt more stretched. I wasn’t ready for it, and it was hard.

I’m deeply grateful for a team that creates a safe space to show up raw. That supports through feelings of overwhelm. That jumps in to get the job done. That delights the heck out of our stakeholders. That engages in multi-directional feedback. And frankly, that calls me on my bull**** when I’m not showing up the way I need to. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. The people on our team are my single greatest joy in this journey. I’m humbled by the energy, dedication, and brilliance each of you independently and collective contribute every day.

2019 has been a year of building stronger foundations and positioning ourselves to capitalize on opportunities. It hasn’t been an easy year, but it has been an incredibly rewarding year.

The new year is an opportunity to reflect and set intentions for the new year (heck, the new decade!) ahead. We can’t wait to learn more about your goals and explore how we can support you with achieving milestones.

In 2020, I am excited to continue co-creating the future of Envol with you. More than ever, I am deeply committed to helping to build and lead a team and company that we are all proud to be part of. Together, let’s capitalize on the momentum.

Wishing you a heartfelt happy holidays. We hope this magical festive season finds you surrounded by your nearest and dearest, enjoying laughter, love and moments of wonder! Cheers to 2020!

Happy Holidays!

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