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How to Stay Productive While Working from Home


With the COVID-19 pandemic nearing a full 2 years since its onset, many of us have become used to the “work from home” (WFH) remote work lifestyle. Flexible hours, no commute, and perhaps even the opportunity to work from your bed! But the WFH lifestyle isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. The luxury of having a more flexible work life can become a missed opportunity when time isn’t used productively.

Don’t sweat, though – we’re here to help. Today, we’ll be going over some useful tips on how to stay productive while living that #WFH lifestyle, as well as how to stay motivated and organized!  


9 WFH Tips to Maximize Productivity 


1. Make a list 

Making a list is a great way to stay on top of your deliverables and hold yourself accountable. Whether you set aside time each morning to make a to-do list for the day or if you create them at the start of each week, you can’t go wrong! Plus, who doesn’t love crossing something off a to-do list? Best. Feeling. Ever! 


2. Schedule your days 

Scheduling your days and planning out what you’re going to accomplish is a great way to ensure you stay productive. By this, we mean fill out that calendar with everything you’re going to do on that said day. Yes, we mean everything! Include your lunch hour, meetings, and block time to complete each task you’d like to tackle that day.  

For example, you might want to schedule yourself for 15 minutes each morning to draft a daily to-do list, then 45 minutes for one task, a 5-minute break, followed by a block of 45 minutes to complete a different task. By planning out your days like this, you’ll stay on-task and will remember to take breaks! 


3. Make small, bite-sized goals 

Sometimes, setting too many goals at once can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Instead, take a step back and break those bigger goals into digestible, bite-sized goals (pun intended). Ask yourself: “Which tasks can be broken down?” and “Which tasks are a priority over others?”.  

By making smaller, more achievable goals, you’re setting yourself up for less stress and more success. It will be way easier to stay productive when you have manageable tasks to complete. 


4. Set workplace boundaries 

Setting workplace boundaries is crucial for those working from home so that you don’t slip into the abyss that exists between “work” and “life” while working from home.  

Workplace boundaries prevent that! Set a hard starting and ending time for yourself and a scheduled lunch to help you stay productive all day while at work until you sign off. And don’t answer any emails after you log off for the day! 

If you’re looking to read more about workplace boundaries, visit our blog post on all things workplace boundaries here! 


5. Have a designated workspace (and outfit!) 

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. By “commuting” to work (A.K.A. going to your designated WFH space) and changing into your work clothes for the day (even if they’re just a different pair of sweatpants – we won’t tell!), you’re telling your mind that you’re now in “work mode” and you’re also setting workplace boundaries for yourself. This will help your mind simulate a work experience similar to what you would have in an office and will help you stay in a productive work mode for the day. 


6. Make time for yourself 

This is an important one. Making time for yourself, both before and after work, helps you stay refreshed and sets you up to stay productive at work since you’re making time for yourself outside of work hours. Whether it’s reading a book, going on a walk, going to the gym, or watching your current Netflix favourite – doing something for yourself will not only feel good, but it will also boost your productivity levels. 


7. Set the vibes 

Picture this: You’re working from home in bright, harsh lighting. Cars are zooming past your window outside, your phone is going off in the background, and your cat or dog just does not understand what “personal space” means. Doesn’t sound ideal, right? How would you ever be able to get ANY work done? 

Now, picture this: You’re working from home in sunny, natural light, perhaps from your bed with your laptop. Your headphones are in and you’re playing lo-fi music while sipping on a caffeinated (or decaf!) beverage and crossing things off your to-do list left, right, and center. Productive AF.  

Set the vibe for yourself, however that may be. We guarantee it will help you get in the zone that you need to be in to be your most productive self. 


8. A clear desk = a clear mind 

While this might not apply to everyone, clearing off your desk and keeping it tidy can help limit distractions. We recommend a quick tidying session once a day to de-clutter your WFH space. This will help you focus and will reduce opportunities for distraction! 


9. Make Productivity FUN 

There are so many creative ways to make being productive more enjoyable – one being using organizational programs such as Notion! 

Notion is a platform (web version and app available) that helps you organize your work. It can be used for note taking, making to-do lists, project management, setting reminders, or keeping agendas, and much more! Plus, there’s tons of downloadable templates to use if you don’t want to create a Notion page from scratch! It’s super customizable and a great resource to use to stay productive. 


Leaders – Listen to your Team! 

Lastly, we want to stress the importance of reaching out to your team as a leader if they’re seeming burnt out or are losing motivation while working remotely. 

Some great ways to help your team stay productive and prevent burnout can include the following: 

  • Meditate together! This can be as simple as taking 5 minutes at the start of a weekly meeting to do some breathing exercises and get everyone in the right headspace. 
  • Treat your team to a coffee and have a non-work-related chat together! We love the convenience of Starbucks e-gift cards… perhaps a little too much.  
  • Hold contests for meeting certain monthly/quarterly goals with little prizes. This is a 2 in 1 tactic: it’s both productive AND fun! 


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