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Happy Birthday Envol! Reflections from our First Year

Envol Strategies was launched on September 12, 2016. I started Envol because I believe that businesses can be more human, better places to work. After years working in the recruiting agency world, I knew that companies deserved more than expensive bandaid solutions to their people challenges. I saw first-hand the profound disconnect between great employers and great employees – simply put, they didn’t know where to find each other. We knew there had to be a better way. Thankfully, the market agreed.

We just celebrated our first birthday – and what a first year it has been! With the support of our incredible community, we have smashed every target we set and are on a steeper growth trajectory than we could have possibly dreamed.
The First Year: Real Talk

Starting a business is hard work. There have been moments of profound self doubt, long hours and sleepless nights, and yes – sometimes an unwelcome feeling of loneliness. It’s not always glamorous, but it’s real.

Envol is a constant lesson in humility and checking my ego at the door. Many of the assumptions I made before starting Envol have been proven wrong. We have made, and learned from, lots of mistakes. Every time I think I finally have this figured out, we learn something new that leads us to pivot. This is what drives us to be great.

I thought that I came into this “entrepreneurship” thing eyes wide open. Frankly, I had heard it all. That being an entrepreneur can be lonely, that every day is a grind, that it’s really hard. Once upon a time, before September 12, 2016, I would have told you that those things wouldn’t happen to me. Alas, I have experienced all of this through my journey so far.

But this doesn’t define my journey. I am buoyed by something so much greater: Community.

Vancouver is home to a vibrant startup culture, filled with entrepreneurs and leaders who want to help you climb, grow, and succeed. We are surrounded by incredible people who enthusiastically provide coaching, lend an ear, go all-in on a brainstorm, provide a safe zone for vulnerability, and remind you to celebrate everything – especially the small stuff. I feel privileged to be part of an HR and People community that cares, that wants to learn, grow and evolve. That shares our belief in the value of collaboration and partnership.

So today, I give thanks to the many people who have helped us thrive. Thank you to our community, to our clients, to our team. I am proud of how Envol has evolved. I am proud of where we are today, the team we have built, the great work we are creating – and I am excited about our future, where we are going.

Come along for the ride. It’s going to be great!