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6 Reasons You Dislike Contingent Recruiting Agencies: Halloween Edition

Trick or treat! In honour of Halloween, we’re sharing 6 common things we hear from companies about why they dislike contingent recruiting agencies. From a flood of unqualified resumes to intense pressure to hire near the end of the month or quarter, you’ve probably felt these pains. You’re not alone.


Contingent Placement Fees

“I love paying contingent placement fees” – said nobody ever. Traditional recruiting models offer a contingent fee structure, usually starting at 20% of an employees salary and going up from there. We’ve never met a company who loved paying contingent fees for recruitment. Luckily, we offer you an alternative. Envol’s Embedded Recruiting will get you results – without breaking the bank.


Post & Pray Recruiting

Once upon a time, companies hired by posting a “Help Wanted” ad in the newspaper. Then the internet happened. And then the power scales tipped from an employer-driven market to a candidate-driven market. It’s not impossible to hire by splashing your hiring ads all over job boards. But there are much better ways. Today, many of the best candidates are already employed. How are you capturing their attention? We help our clients build a multi-channel hiring strategy that leverages inbound, outbound and search.


Recycling Candidates to Competitors

Have you ever felt like your agency recruiter is throwing resumes at you? Have you ever looked at those resumes and thought to yourself, “WTF?” We call this candidate recycling. Recruitment agencies make money for placements, not interviews. If they’ve met with a candidate, they will try to get them in front of as many employers as possible to increase the odds of a placement. Sometimes, even if they aren’t qualified. Our pet peeve? Recycling candidates to your clients’ competitors. It happens – we’ve seen it.


Disengaged Hiring Managers

There are few things as painful in the recruitment process as a disengaged hiring manager. Whether you’re an internal or external recruiter, you’ve probably felt the pain of chasing down a hiring manager. Unresponsive to communication. Poorly prepared for interviews. Distracted. We’ve seen it all. Our personal favourite? Hiring managers who light a fire under the recruitment team, only to respond with crickets when a shortlist of candidate referrals are sent their way.


Commission-Thirsty Agency Recruiters

It’s nearing the end of the month and all of a sudden your inbox and voicemail are hit hard by that agency recruiter who has been toiling away on your req for the past few weeks. You’re getting pressured to make a hiring decision, even though you’re not ready. Commission deadline. It’s not a secret that agency recruiters are largely compensated by commission on successful placements. This means they try to make as many placements as possible at the end of each commission period – usually monthly or quarterly.


Replacement “Guarantees”

How motivated are you to work for free? Agency recruiters feel the same way. Replacement guarantees are a dark place in the agency world. If you need a replacement on a recent hire, you’re likely low on the agency recruiters’ priority list. If the agency’s fee structure included a limited replacement (eg. limiting it to one replacement), then you’re likely to have pretty much anyone thrown your way.


Enough of the tricks. Are you ready for a treat?
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