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COVID-19 Resources for Employers

These continue to be challenging and unprecedented times for everyone. In the past 3 years, we have supported our clients with growth and through challenging times. But it has been nothing like the past week. In the past week, we have supported both our clients and our community through many tough business decisions. Despite all of the chaos, one thing we know for certain: Envol is here for you.

With the rapid pace of changing information, this is intended to be a central ‘hub’ for employers to access relevant information and resources. This hub contains links in the following sections:

  1. Central COVID-19 Resources for Employers
  2. Layoffs
  3. Employment Insurance
  4. Canada Emergency Response Benefit
  5. Work-Sharing
  6. Wage Subsidy
  7. Remote Work
  8. Finance & Loans

NOTE: Last updated March 25th

1. Central COVID-19 Resources for Employers
  1. Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan:
  2. Small Business BC COVID-19 Resources:
  3. Government of Canada COVID-19 Resource Page:


  1. Government of Canada:
  2. BC Employment Standards Act:
  3. McCarthy Tetrault Blog on Temporary Layoffs:
  4. Envol’s free COVID-19 Layoff Guide:
  5. Mathews Dinsdale FAQs: COVID-19 & the Workplace:


3. Employment Insurance
  1. Government of Canada:
    1. Regular Benefits:
    2. Sickness Benefits:
    3. Eligibility Criteria by Region:
  2. McCarthy Tetrault Blog:
  3. Roper Greyell Bulletin:
  4. Osler Bulletin:
  5. Employment Standards changes, including COVID-19 related refusals of work and sick leave – Roper Greyell Bulletin (March 24, 2020):
  6. BC introduces a $500 rent subsidy for 90-days (through BC Housing) & temporarily suspends evictions – Global News:


4. Canada Emergency Response Benefit (announced March 25, 2020) 
  1. Announcement, overview, eligibility – Government of Canada:
  2. Introduction to the new benefit, which replaces the previously announced “Emergency Care Benefit” and “Emergency Support Benefit” – Roper Greyell Bulletin (March 25, 2020):
5. Work-Sharing
  1. Government’s overview, eligibility & application:
  2. McCarthy Tetrault blog:


6. Wage Subsidy
  1. Government of Canada:
  2. Roper Greyell Bulletin:
  3. Prime Minister’s Announcement:


7. Remote Work
  1. Remote Work Survival Kit for COVID-19 (Crowdsourced & Live):
  2. Envol’s “Transitioning Your Team to Remote Work” blog:
  3. Building Strong Relationships in Remote Teams by Zapier:
  4. Remote Work Best Practices by Forbes
  5. How to Collaborate Effectively when Your Team is Remote by HBR


8. Finance & Loans
  1. BDC Relief for COVID-19:
  2. EDC Relief for COVID-19:
  3. Mortgage Relief from Banks
    1. RBC Royal Bank
    2. TD Bank
    3. CIBC
    4. National Bank of Canada
    5. Bank of Montreal
  4. BDC Information Webinar:
  5. Deferred Tax Payments (until August 31, 2020):
  6. Service & Software providers offering payment deferrals, free access, and more


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