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Coronavirus: What Employers Need To Know

You’ve undoubtedly seen the headlines about the coronavirus (COVID-2019). People are scared. This epidemic started China at the end of 2019, and in a matter of months has spread globally. It continues to spread. The World Health Organization has confirmed that there are now more coronavirus cases outside of China than in it, with 80,000 cases worldwide.

While it isn’t productive to cause panic in the workplace, employers need to be aware of the dynamic situation and address health-related concerns that arise within their organizations. With the coronavirus epidemic spreading, employers have the complicated task of keeping employees safe, while minimizing impact on their continued operations.

So, where should we start?

To manage the outbreak, employers should follow these steps covered in Envol’s FREE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Employer Response Tool:

  1. Develop an internal response plan
    • Plan head and cover the “what-if” possibilities in case the situation takes a turn for the worse.
  2. Implement and evaluate policies
    • Review and adjust remote work policies, sick leave, work travel, etc. to address growing health concerns.
  3. Keep employees informed
    • Tell your team what you’re doing to protect them and how they can protect themselves.
  4. Have resources available
    • From hand sanitizer to FAQ’s, be proactive in providing the right support to keep everyone healthy.

For a deeper dive into how employers can best prepare for this outbreak, including an Email Template for your team and an Employee Personal Preparation Checklist, check out our FREE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Employer Response Guide!


Download Envol’s FREE Coronavirus (COVID-19) Employer Response Guide for tangible resources you can use right away.

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