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DEI Blog Series: Celebrating Holidays Inclusively in the Workplace

This is the seventh of 10 installations of Envol’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Series!

Our goal is to support organization leaders in taking real action to advance DEI within their teams, throughout their business, and in their communities.

Today, let’s dive into the importance of promoting inclusivity during the holiday season and 3 tips to help you celebrate holidays inclusively in the workplace.

The Importance of Celebrating Holidays Inclusively

As a people leader, being mindful of the diversity within your team and finding ways to ensure everyone is respected and comfortable in the workplace should be a top priority.

December is a month full of many different holidays and celebrations, which also means it’s a great opportunity to acknowledge diversity within your team! Acknowledging diverse holidays (not only in December, but year-round as well!) supports your people in feeling included and welcome in their workplace.

Celebrating and recognizing different holidays in the workplace also gives your people the opportunity to learn. It allows them to expand their understanding about different cultures and the significance that lies behind different celebrations.

3 Tips to Consider this Holiday Season
  1. Ask what holidays your team celebrates (if any) this time of year. This allows you to develop a better understanding of the various cultures and traditions that are present within your team. When you’re aware of the holidays that are important to your team, you can then make an effort to recognize these holidays throughout the month of December and beyond!
  2. Throw a generic holiday party or do something fun together to celebrate the magic of the season. Gather input from your team on what they’d like to do together. You could try ice skating, an escape room, a potluck, or even a holiday treat exchange – the opportunities are endless! Our team had a BLAST decorating gingerbread houses together virtually this year! It was a fun way to get our team together without favouring one holiday over another.
  3. Consider providing “floating” personal days off. These “floater” days give employees an opportunity to use them for the holidays they recognize. Providing these extra days allows for some flexibility around the holiday season. Your employees can take comfort in knowing they can disconnect for the days that hold a special significance to them.

Not sure about your next steps? Reach out to our team of HR experts – we’re here to help!

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