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Employers’ Obligations for Federal General Elections

A 2021 Federal General Election has been called and election day will take place on Monday, September 20, 2021. As residents of BC and citizens of Canada, we have both the privilege and responsibility to vote. Employers have an obligation to provide eligible employees time to head to the ballots and get their votes in.  

In this blog, we’ll be going into detail about employer obligations regarding the 2021 Federal General Elections. 

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Performative Action: How to Take Real Action on Social Issues

Over recent years, social activism appears to be increasingly normalized. However, 2020 was a historic year for social activism. Millions across the world joined together to fight for equality, justice, and reparations. Those included in the millions of people were many companies and organizations who expressed their solidarity on social media platforms and their websites. As companies announced where they stand on particular issues, they either took action, lacked the resources to implement action, or simply advertised their involvement to increase their social capital. The latter is defined as performative activism. 

Countless employers may pledge to take a more active stance on inclusion efforts in recent years, however, it is more than likely for those promises to fizzle out. This blog addresses the meaning of performative activism as well as the why’s and how to take real action to contribute to real change. 

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My Experience Searching for an Internship

Working an internship during school can be one of the most valuable and coveted opportunities for students and new grads. Internships give professional work experience and help set students up for success! Some companies even using internships to fill their new graduate hiring pipeline.  

However, finding a relevant internship has started to become more competitive, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.My experience looking for work this summer was quite stressful! To help other interns have a smooth and stress-free experience, I wanted to share the advice and tips I’ve learned as an incoming fourth-year university student with a few internships under my belt! 

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