Student Internship Program Recruitment Guide

Here at Envol, we are VERY proud of our student internship program, and the ability to provide students with the opportunity to gain professional experience. In this tool, we’ve broken down the benefits of student internships and how to effectively recruit students for your business.

In this tool, we will discuss the benefits of hiring a student intern to join your team, and guide you through the recruitment process so that you can recruit and find your ideal intern effectively. Expect to find best practices tips & tricks from how to get started with hiring a student, writing your job ads, to interviewing!

Contents of this guide:

  • Understanding the Benefits of Student Internships.
  • Establishing your Goals.
  • Designing your Ideal Candidate.
  • Writing Job Advertisements.
  • Posting your Job Advertisements.
  • The Interviewing Process.
  • Following up with Candidates & Providing Feedback.

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