You’ve told your employer brand story, and inspired your people with employee engagement strategies. Now build your future with recruitment marketing!

The hiring process is complex and time consuming. At Envol, we can help you first determine your ideal candidate personas, and then how to draw them out of the crowd. Determining your success metrics and key KPIs, we’ll optimize your recruitment process and recruitment marketing strategies, saving you time and money. With customized workshops and toolkits, we’ll empower your hiring managers with everything they need to become experts in the art of recruiting.

Stop reactively searching for your next hire. Envol empowers your brand to proactively build your talent community through recruitment marketing.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment is marketing – your product is your company culture! Using tactical marketing strategies, we’ll build your recruitment toolkit to guide you through everything from digital job boards to in-person hiring events.

Visual Job Advertisements

A job description does not a job advertisement make. Envol’s future-focused approach help you rise above the noise, using targeted messaging and compelling visuals to reach your ideal candidates, when and where they are.

Candidate Experience Design

Map your optimal candidate journey, from their first interaction with your organization until after they are hired. Our team will create and build your candidate experience – designed for people, by people.

Social Media Marketing

Recruitment is social! Through strategic digital advertising, compelling headlines and timely, relevant content, we’ll clear the digital fog that exists between your brand and your people. There may be a few cat pictures. It’s the internet, after all.

Content Strategy

How do you engage with and nurture candidates after they click “submit” on their application? Using tactics like targeted blog posts, newsletters and downloadable eBooks, we’ll hold your candidates attention until the right role comes up.

Employee Referral Programs

You’ve already activated your best employees as your brand ambassadors – trust them to help find your future best! Employee referrals and rewards systems are the quickest way to bring your recruitment strategies in-house.

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