A well-structured organizational chart is an essential component of an efficient organization. Yet many businesses struggle to find one that works for them.

Our Organizational Chart Guide will walk you through the importance of having an organizational chart as well as the steps to developing a functional and effective organization chart for your business that is beneficial to everyone, from management to new hires.

This guide includes:

  1. An overview of organizational charts (org chart) and their benefits for an organization.
  2. A brief review on 3 main types of org charts and their unique advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Best practices for building out your org chart including an outline of essential components and tips for maximizing the efficiency of your org chart.
  4. A quick explanation of Miro and how to use its main features to build an org chart.
  5. Additional resources to broaden your understanding of org charts and help you create one that best suits your business.

Download our Organizational Chart Guide to help you get started!


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