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Candidate Experience Package

Thank you for joining us at Future Perfect: Humanizing the Candidate Experience!

Today, talent acquisition is characterized by technology, systems and processes that are touted to “improve efficiency” and “increase effectiveness”. Somewhere along the way, people – our customers – got lost. When is the last time you looked at yourself through a candidate’s eyes, walking through your hiring process from the perspective of a job seeker?

The Future Perfect Candidate Experience Package is a curated package of tools and resources, including valuable contributions from Future Perfect panelists and partners. This package will help you evaluate and optimize your candidate experience – starting today.

The Future Perfect Candidate Experience Package includes 6 valuable resources:

Candidate Experience Journey + Audit
by Envol

Technical Interview Preparation
by A Thinking Ape

Offer Summary Template
by A Thinking Ape

New Employee Introduction Email Checklist
by Vega

First Day Welcome Email
by Garibaldi Glass

Talent Growth Reflection Sheet
by Talent Collective

Make your candidate experience human again. Get the Future Perfect Candidate Experience Package now:


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