Employer Brand Ecosystem Diagram

Your company has an employer brand, whether or not you choose to manage it. An authentic, engaging employer brand is key to attracting and keeping the right people for your organization. How can you take control of your employer brand? It starts by understanding your Employer Brand Ecosystem.

In October 2017 we hosted an Employer Branding Design Thinking Workshop with the CPHR North Shore Roundtable. The purpose of this workshop was to collaborate with people leaders from a number of companies to explore and understand the Employer Brand Ecosystem.

This diagram captures the DNA of the Employer Brand Ecosystem, as brainstormed by the CPHR North Shore Roundtable participants. Elements include stakeholders, employer brand interactions & touch points with candidates and employees.

Employer Brand Ecosystem Diagram

Envol CPHR Employer Brand Ecosystem

Explore the Employer Brand Ecosystem – download the diagram today:

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