The market is shifting. With an economic downturn on the horizon, many organizations are faced with difficult decisions for their workforce, including layoffs.

Macro-economic market trends are causing employers to make tough business changes. Employee layoffs are one of the hardest decisions for employers.

This FREE tool includes:

  1. Considering Your Options (i.e., alternate revenue streams, work sharing, temporary layoffs, etc.)
  2. Employment Insurance
  3. Employee Communications
  4. Permanent Layoff (Template)
  5. Temporary Layoff (Template)
  6. Reduced Hours (Template)
  7. Reduced Salary (Template)

Disclaimer: If your organization is in this position, please consider this tool for support and guidance through the process. However, we are not employment lawyers, and strongly recommend consulting legal counsel before making any decisions.

Download our Economic Downturn Layoff Guide to help you get started!


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