Digital Employer Brand Audit

Job seekers do their homework.
You should too.

In a market where job seekers have nothing but choice, a stand-out employer brand is key to attracting top talent. Since 2016 we have helped organizations tell their story, building authentic employer brands that drive results. Great employer brands are rooted in data, starting with discovery.

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Price: $3,000


The Digital Employer Brand Audit evaluates 4 key areas:

Employer Brand Content

We assess your current employer brand and content including language, messaging, comprehensiveness, aesthetic and consistency.

Online Presence

We evaluate your existing online presence including your website, career site and online reviews. We assess user experience and accessibility. 

Social Media Presence

We audit your social media presence to assess factors like content and engagement. Platforms include LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and more.

Competitor Research

We investigate the competitive landscape through your competitors, researching their digital presence to help you find the white space.


Discovery Report & Actionable Recommendations

You will receive a Discovery Report that summarizes the findings of our audit, including our key insights and observations. We also share actionable recommendations to elevate your employer brand.


Benefits of a Strong Employer Brand

Decrease staff turnover

Save time + cost per hire

Improve applicant quality

Build talent pipeline

Increase engagement

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