CPHR North Shore Roundtable

Employer Branding in a Post-COVID World

What does employer branding look like in a post-COVID world?

Thank you for joining us on June 25th for our “Employer Branding in a Post-COVID World” workshop, hosted in partnership with the CPHR BC & Yukon’s North Shore Roundtable.


COVID-19 has changed how organizations attract, recruit and retain employees. Just a few short months ago, organizations were struggling to hire in a tight labour market. That stellar EVP that has worked like magic for years might not be relevant for your organization anymore…or your ideal candidates. No one can say for certain what our “new normal” will bring, but as talent experts and advisors we have an opportunity to reshape, rebuild and share our employer brand in a way that sets us apart.


Key takeaways from this workshop include:
  1. How to tell your story and build your brand during a pandemic … in a tactful way
  2. Practical strategies to help identify and reshape your employee value proposition (EVPs)
  3. Key takeaways from the companies that are getting it right (and the companies getting it wrong)

Download our “Employer Branding in a Post-COVID World Presentation” today!

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