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Remote Onboarding Guide

With no end in sight to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, organizations are rapidly adapting to a ‘new normal’ of remote work. This means pivoting to remote onboarding for new employees.

With the added complexities of virtual onboarding, companies will be challenged with finding new ways to foster engagement, belonging, connection and trust. This doesn’t mean throwing out your existing onboarding process. Instead, focus on one-degree shifts. Small changes with big impact. So, how can we set remote employees up for success and create a sense of belonging remotely … without recreating the wheel? We’ve got you covered!

In this free COVID-19 Remote Onboarding Guide, you will find tangible, easy-to-implement initiatives to rapidly build a remote onboarding program, including:

  1. Pivoting Quickly from In-Person to Remote Onboarding
  2. Why Does Onboarding Matter?
  3. Key Building Blocks of Effective Remote Onboarding
  4. Prioritize Preboarding for Remote Employees
  5. Remote Preboarding Checklist
  6. Special Considerations for Remote Onboarding
  7. Remote Onboarding Checklist
  8. Common Remote Onboarding Mistakes
  9. Welcome Email Template: For your new employee
  10. Welcome Email Template: For your team
  11. Powered by Technology: Supercharge Remote Onboarding
  12. Sharing the Love: Remote Onboarding Resources

Download our COVID-19 Remote Onboarding Guide today!

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