Cannabis in the Workplace

FAQ for Employers

Cannabis legalization in Canada has many implications for employers with lingering uncertainties. We partnered with Brandon Hillis, an Employment & Labour Lawyer with Roper Greyell LLP, to answer your questions about cannabis in the workplace.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

What does the legalization of cannabis in Canada mean for employers?

Question 2

Is the law around cannabis the same across Canada? 

Question 3

What are the key things that every employer should have in place now that cannabis is legal? 

Question 4

Are my obligations as an employer different for recreational vs. medical cannabis use?  

Question 5

What is an employer’s duty to accommodate for medical cannabis?

Question 6

Are employees obligated to inform their employer if they use cannabis recreationally? 

Question 7

Can employees use cannabis recreationally before work, during their shift, or on a break? 

Question 8

What do I do if I if I suspect that an employee is under the influence of cannabis at work?

Question 9

If I suspect an employee is under the influence of cannabis at work, can I conduct a drug test? 

Question 10

How can an employer with a safety-sensitive work environment approach cannabis policies? 

Question 11

How should an employer handle cannabis in the office & at company events?  

Question 12

Now that cannabis is legal, do employers have to allow cannabis plants in the office?  

Question 13

Should you drive under the influence of cannabis?

Question 14

For people thinking about applying for a job in the cannabis sector, should they be concerned?

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