2019 Tech Talent Conference

because hiring is freaking hard

How do you actually operationalize your employer brand to help you hire in a competitive market? 

Thank you for joining us at the 2019 Tech Talent Conference for a design thinking workshop about how you can use your employer brand to hire successfully in a candidate-driven market! Let’s keep it real – nobody likes a lecture. Your energy, contributions and engagement made for an awesome experience. We are excited to share a package that captures some of the brilliant ideas you contributed. It’s all about helping you operationalize your employer brand to help you hire.

This Workshop Summary Package includes:   

  1. Employer branding samples we share during our presentation
  2. Visual summary of ideas you brainstormed to operationalize your employer brand

Have you had an opportunity to share your feedback? We have put together 4 quick questions – please take 2 minutes to share your feedback about this workshop. Click here to share your feedback.

Download the Workshop Summary Package to help you get started!

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